Lucid Initiatives uses its experience and contacts to advise and develop brands wishing to enter the highly competitive world of Travel Retail and Duty Free. This is a channel that all established or aspiring, ambitious brands should consider in order to increase their visibility to global consumers who have high disposable income and time to shop in a quality environment.

Travel Retail is estimated to be a marketplace worth in excess of US$68 billion per year so it is vital to devote the right resources at the right time to the right people in order to profit from the high visibility that this channel affords those brands that recognise the opportunities and are willing to work at it.

Lucid Initiatives offers help, advice and an independent, cost effective solution as well as a "virtual" Travel Retail marketing department for forward thinking brands, especially if they want to maintain maximum efficiency for their existing markets whilst exploring and developing Travel Retail as a new opportunity. With years of experience and a successful history with major global Travel Retail operators in the air, on land and at sea, Lucid Initiatives is ideally placed to maximise any potential.
Lucid Initiatives insists on working very closely with brands to ensure that they maintain control of their image and understand the potential and pitfalls of this challenging arena.